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While a clear title is one that is not burdened with defects such as liens, a "clouded" title has liens filed upon it that prevent the clear and smooth transfer of property. Both parties have every reason to look into issues such as unresolved liens and undischarged mortgages that might sabotage a sale. Instances of mortgages that have not been discharged can be quite pervasive after years of refinancing waves when attention may not have always been focused on properly recording property transactions with the registry of deeds. An alert real estate agent is aware of this possibility and makes sure that the closing attorneys look into such matters as soon as there are signatures on the contract. Hint: Title insurance insures against financial loss from

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Real estate agents are the first to tell buyers to draw up lists of their needs and wants when embarking on their home searches. From there, it is a matter of prioritizing and comparing until buyers find properties that best match their requirements. On the other hand, some people "just know" when the fit is right. So, should they rely on their "sixth sense"? Well, there may be more to these supposed snap judgments than most realize. According to some research on the matter, "intuition" was defined as something that happens when the brain draws on past experiences and external cues to make a decision. It all happens so fast that some don't believe in it. Trust your intuition!

HINT: There is a difference between an intuitive sense that a house is right

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If you rent, you know that rents have been rising to inordinately high levels. Therefore, if you are paying high rent, you owe it to yourself to compare the costs of owning with the costs of renting. In many areas, it’s now less expensive to own a home than to rent an apartment. The major financial benefits of owning a home come with taking tax deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes. Some homeowners may also take tax deductions for home offices. In addition, each month’s mortgage payment increases your equity in your home while a rent check only increases your landlord’s equity. Lastly, the longer you stay in your home, the more you stand to benefit from appreciation.

This may be the ideal time for you to consider purchasing property. Take

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