Our Marketing Plan

For a home sale to occur, the home must be marketed to the right group of buyers. This is true in all markets, from California to Wisconsin to right here in New Jersey. Effective marketing requires both a plan and a big budget – two things not all real estate agents have access to.

Rosa Agency, Inc. has both. As a successful New Jersey real estate broker Rosa Agency has a healthy marketing budget and a proven marketing plan that sells homes.

Getting the Price Right

The most important aspect of the home sale process – what sets the stage for a successful sale – is getting the price right. Homes priced too high sit on the market and languish. By the time the price is lowered to the appropriate level, it may be stigmatized, with buyers thinking that, since it sat so long on the market, there may be something wrong with it.

Pricing a home too low is like giving away money.

Neither of these scenarios is acceptable to Rosa Agency, which is why we diligently keep up with local market trends. It is important to us that we maintain a thorough understanding of the local real estate market.

Of course, you make the final decision on where to price your home, but our experienced Realtors, relying on their knowledge of local home sales and MLS statistics, will offer you their expert opinion.

Massive Exposure

Since most homebuyers today search for homes on the Internet, an online presence is imperative. Thankfully, our Realtors have the experience and technology expertise to make the most of what the Internet has to offer.

Rosa Agency, Inc. doesn’t rely only on technology, however. Our marketing plan includes a wide network of contacts that we built over the past 40 years. These are people that will help Rosa Agency expose your home to even more eyeballs and they may even know someone who wants to buy it.

The Bottom Line

As the home seller, you will pay the real estate commission. Did you know that most agents in the area make the same percentage? It’s true – you will pay the novice the same amount of money as the seasoned professional.

So, who will you choose -- a novice or a full-time broker with a successful track record?

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. When it's time to sell, get the value you deserve with the help of a professional real estate agent. If you'd like to discuss your next home sale today, please contact us anytime.

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