Meet Augusto Neno, Jr. 


One of the first things you’ll marvel at when you meet Augie Neno is how someone as busy as he is finds the time to so effectively communicate with his clients. It’s something that has taken him more than 25 years to master, but master it he has.

Augie is a local guy who was born and raised in Kearny, New Jersey.  Augie attended Saint Stephens Grammar School in Kearny, Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington and Saint Peter's College in Jersey City.

Maybe he’s genetically predisposed

One thing you should know about Augie is that real estate is in his blood – his first mentor, his dad, opened his Rosa Agency in 1985. “I remember as a child going to work him, taking photos of homes, showing homes and helping out at open houses,” Augie recalls.

“I always wanted to work alongside my father,” he continues. “It seemed like he knew everyone and everyone was so kind to him.” Augie lost his father, Augusto Neno Sr in 1994 after a 3 year battle with cancer, but carries on his legacy in real estate.

Early Days

In fact, Augie got his real estate sales license the year after his father passed away, while attending college at St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, NJ. He began putting that license to work while still a junior, despite fears that potential clients wouldn’t take him seriously because of his tender, young age.

“I graduated from college in four years with two goals,” he says. “Goal number one was to learn as much as I could possibly learn about real estate, as quickly as possible. I felt that I had to prove my worth every day so that people would look past the fact that I looked like a kid,” Augie continues.

After lots of hard work and long hours, Augie Neno became an expert in all things real estate, from financing to development and even construction. Goal Number One: Accomplished.

Oh – that second goal? Augie was determined to purchase his first home before he turned 21 years old. Goal Number Two: Accomplished.

Two decades of learning

“During the past 25 years in real estate, I have learned that this is a people business,” Augie remarks. ‘Technology has taken us so far over the past 25 years, but the basic thread in everything we do is relationships.  We, as agents, work hard every day to prove ourselves, build relationships and improve the quality of life for all our clients,” he says. We are actively recruiting new and seasoned agents to help grow our team and footprint in New Jersey. "I find that new and seasoned agents need a Broker/Owner who is involved in the day to day operations because there is always on the job training, questions and business development that needs to get done" says Augie. 

That in no way means Augie eschews technology. In fact, he uses social media to promote his business, google adwords advertising, digital professional photography, drones, professional video conferencing, video messaging, building websites for featured listings and state-of-the-art transaction management systems in his business.

So, how’s that working for him? Over the past 20 years Neno-Rosa Agency has closed over 2000 sales transactions totaling over $800 million in sales. That is production from 1 real estate office!  We finished 2023 with another record breaking year and every single sales associate reported more transactions and production totals than the previous year. 

Always reluctant to talk about himself, Augie gives most of the credit for this success to his team. “I have a fantastic team of Realtors who work hard every day to earn the confidence of their clients, keep up with what is happening in their community, improve themselves with continued education classes, work long hours to support their families and still find time to give back to the community,” he said. 

Augie Neno is the Owner/Broker at the Neno-Rosa Agency. In addition, he actively lists and sells property, recruits and trains new agents, develops and invests in real estate and performs property management for himself and a select number of clients. Augie does his share of giving back as well, through being active in Young Professional Network (YPN), Vice President on the Board of Directors with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newark serving Essex, Hudson & Union Counties and volunteers as an assistant travel soccer coach for each of his children.

Yes, he’s a busy man, but never too busy for his clients.