Life of a realtor

Being a Realtor means that people always ask you if NOW is a good time to buy or sell. This is not just at the obvious places such as my office or a listing appointment, but everywhere. I mean everywhere. Weddings, BBQs, in line at the post office, even in my own house from the guy fixing my fridge. I do not mind it at all. Especially since I enjoy talking about Real Estate.

Usually, they are expecting me to bring up some statistics demonstrating the strength or weakness of the current market. I don’t, at least I don’t START with that.  Why?  If someone is thinking of buying or selling THEIR home, their reason almost always has nothing to do with the market, and I rather discuss that.  

Here are some reasons why 

Why you want to BUY
  • tired of renting and not paying into my own asset
  • want to move out of my parents house
  • want an upgrade to my quality of life
  • just got engaged/married
  • starting a family
  • financially stable/got a promotion
Why you want to Sell
  • relocating
  • want to downsize/upgrade
  • retiring
  • divorce
  • don't want to pay a mortgage anymore/ finances changed
  • Duties as executor of a estate

You only need one of these reasons, but that is not enough. Are you ready to buy or sell?

ready to buy
  • you have the funds for down payment, closing costs, moving costs etc..
  • you either have gotten a pre-approval or are ready to
  • you know where you would like to live and what type of property
ready to sell
  • you already have a place to go or want to buy another home
  • you are in good standing with your mortgage (if not, you can still sell)
  • you can transfer title 
  • your house is ready to sell (no open permits, house is clutter free)

Every month, regardless of the market, houses are bought and sold. Unless you are an investor, the market has very little impact on your desire to buy or sell. 

The market tells us how long it takes to sell a home, what are buyers willing to pay, what are they able to pay etc...

I usually always end my response with a question for them

"if you want to and you can...why not?"


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